Uploaded two .zip files (Full of sword and shield pics) if you wanna download em. Best I can do until I figure out how to put em on here. :/
Updated the shield codes. :)
I added a page with a picture of the Fan for a friend who wanted to see a preview of it. Thoughtj I'd put it up for anyone else who wanted to see it too. =)
I've added some new sword/shield codes. Not many prolly like 10 codes.
Just added the wings they recently released.
Yesh, tis true. I made a new page with around 120 shield codes.... Reason for their own seperate page is that I have no idea on the endings (picked the names of 'em up from friends, caught a glimpse of one while walking around on graal, or saw on other websites) and I'm too lazy (its soo true I don't bother to deny it anymore xD) to check them. If you were looking for one of them and are willing to play with the endings a bit there it is!
Added some sword codes today! I honestly don't remember how many, prolly close to 50? Hmm not sure hehe.
Added between 100-200 shield codes today! =D

I now have 600+ shield codes!!! O.o How awesome is dat lol. ^^
added BlackRockSword.gif
added bosword.gif
added brugessword.gif
added cloak-sword.png
added clopssword1.png
added clopssword1-sword.gif
added copsword.gif
added davidspear-sword.png
added dbzsword.gif
added ddsword.gif
added earendilswordgif.gif
added electric-sword.gif
added flaminsword.gif
added flamin-sword.gif
added fodgodsword.gif
added foxswordx-sword.gif
added ganndssword.gif
added icesword.gif
added izludesword.gif
added jmn-sword.gif
added klutzsword1-sword.gif
added krakenblade-sword.gif
added litsword.gif
added mandisword.gif
added picsword.gif
added policesword.gif
added pusasword.gif
added rdsword.gif
added spearsword.gif
added sword152.gif
added sword153.gif
added sword154.gif
added sword156.gif
added sworddragon.gif
added swordgands2.gif
added swordgandsold.gif
added swordnight.gif
added swordoflife.gif
added swordtest.gif
added usasword.gif
added zentsuka-sword.png

fixed boltsword.gif (was supposed to be Boltsword.gif)
fixed glade-sword.gif (supposed to be gblade-sword.gif)

removed double green-sword.mng
added akumashield.gif
added Angelshield.gif
added Angelshield2.gif
added bee-shield.gif
added bigred-shield.png
added blackblueshield.gif
added boneshield.png
added brugesshield.gif
added brugiteshield.gif
added caddy-shield.gif
added canshield.gif
added chibishield.gif
added crazykittie-shield.gif
added crown-shield.png
added dakanimatedsmall-shield.gif
added deathspike-shield.gif
added eguitar-shield.png
added electricgenerator-shield.gif
added EmeraldShield.gif
added frostbite-shield.gif
added frozen-shield.gif
added gandsshield.gif
added german-shield.gif
added gongfen-shield.gif
added izludeshield1-shield.gif
added kawaiisaria-shield.gif
added klutzshield1-shield.gif
added medal-shield.gif
added moneypouch-shield.png
added Myshield1.gif
added n666-hunterz-shield.gif
added nge-longinus-shield.gif
added ninjishield.gif
added noxblack-shield.gif
added noxdoc-shield.gif
added noxgoldenshine-big-shield.gif
added old_policeshield.gif
added sash-roman-shield.gif
added shield151.gif
added shield153.png
added shield1-shield.png
added shield3.png
added shieldbuckler.gif
added shieldmagic.gif
added shudrums-shield.gif
added slagsheart-shield.gif
added stealth-shield.gif
added tekkaspear-shield.gif
added tenshi-shield.gif
added tiki-shield.gif
added tseng-shield.gif
added xazuki-shield.pngA
added x-shield.png


fixed faveani2-shield (was supposed to be faceani2-shield.gif)
fixed invisishield2.gif (was supposed to be invisishield2-shield.gif)

fixed r00staff-shield.png (was supposed to be r00tstaff-shield.png)

fixed zero-shield.png (wasn't sure of ending but it's png)


removed azraelshield01.png (it was a typo)

removed doubles on the list (soulreaver-shield.gif and spear-shield.gif